Beginning Django

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What do I get for the paid version ?
  • No ads, 100% privacy across all pages.
  • Access to exclusive content -- like the links that likely sent you here.
  • Lifetime access to Django 3.2 LTS and 1.1 LTS content.

  • Do I get the contents in a PDF, EPUB or other electronic document with the paid version ?
    No, you'll get online access with your payment email and get a password to access the paid version.

    Can I share the access credentials with my friends and team ?
    Yes, of course. But access is restricted to one IP address per day, so you'll need to set up a calendar to share with one person a day.

    Hey, I'm not sure if it's worth the price, I really don't earn a lot working in software and the price is too high compared to other books

    Browse through the table of contents and pre-existing content with ads to get a better idea of the value you'll receive.

    Well, if you work in software in any capacity around the world, the cost is a couple of hours paid work or even less than an hour of paid work. In exchange, you'll get knowledge that will save you endless days of research and experimenting to implement Django solutions.

    Yes, I know there are less expensive books out there, good for them that they can offer a lower price and make it up on volume. I can't, given the amount of time I put into writing -- hundreds and hundreds of hours -- and the average amount of copies tech books sell now a days.