Django consulting & training

Ensure your Django project is a success with expert guidance from the author of 'Beginning Django'. Get solutions and in-depth explanations to all your Django problems.

Basic guidance

  • By email
  • 1 day, continuous or split in 30 minute tasks*
  • Valid for up to 1 month**

Extended guidance

  • By email or phone
  • 5 days, continuous or split in 30 minute tasks*
  • Valid for up to 3 months**

Custom guidance

  • By email, phone or on-site
  • Custom and continuous hours and dates*
  • Custom**

* Consulting can be done continuously (subject to availability) or in 30 minute tasks, depending on complexity and requirements. This means a plan can include dozens of simple consulting tasks or a single complex consulting task.

** Consulting tasks can be requested throughout a plan's time frame, so long as a plan's overall time has not been used.

Get direct answers to your Django problems and don't risk its success with cookie-cutter answers or outsourced agency advice given by people with little technical experience.

All guidance is given by the author of 'Beginning Django' who has 15 years of professional experience in software development, working with start-ups, corporations and government agencies.