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My name is Daniel Rubio and I'm the author behind Web Forefront. I started my career working for a Fortune 500 company (SLB), shortly after, I moved on to doing contract work as an independent technology consultant. I've been doing it ever since, along with writing and working as CTO-level advisor for several startups and corporate clients.

My primary area of expertise is the design of enterprise & web based software. As such, I have worked with a broad range of platforms -- Java EE, CORBA, .NET , PHP, Python -- and the core issues involved in developing enterprise grade software like integration, security and scalability.

So throughout the years, I've gone full circle working at the code level -- as a developer and architect -- to CTO-level advisor on platform selection strategies. My work spans:

If you would like to contact me on the possibility of doing business as a contract consultant, feel free to send me a note .

If you just liked or disliked something you read and would like to flame me or thank me, you can also contact me .