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Web Forefront is a blog covering issues that impact and make software development platforms tick, a look into the ground breaking features that make software more powerful and easier to develop. More about Web Forefront .

About the author : Daniel Rubio

I started my career working for a Fortune 500 company (SLB), shortly after, shying away from the inherent politics of developing software in organizations of this size, I moved on to doing contract work as an independent technology consultant. I've been doing it ever since, along with writing and working as CTO-level advisor for several startups and corporate clients. More about Daniel Rubio .

About related consulting and training

I do most of my work remotely and for start-ups which better embrace this type of work arrangement. Nevertheless, if after reading some of my work you feel I could be of help -- even if you're not a start-up or require on-site work -- I'm always open to the possibility of doing business. More about consulting


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