About the site : Web Forefront

Web Forefront started as a tech blog covering web technologies that were at the forefront in best practices, hence the name Web Forefront.

About the author : Daniel Rubio


Daniel Rubio started working for a Fortune 500 company (SLB), shortly after, shying away from the inherent politics of developing software in organizations of this size, he moved on to doing contract work as an independent technology consultant. Throughout the years, he's continued to work at the code level -- as a developer and architect -- CTO-level advisor on platform selection strategies, professional technical writer and entrepreneur.

Daniel has been CTO for sites that include: cleandatasets.com -- a data cleansing platform; videoformatter.com -- a video processing engine; and awardfun.com -- an award reference site for film, music and television. Daniel's writing experience spans multiple articles and books and writing for the sites ModernJS and Cloud Storage Options.

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